Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

10 Jun 2014

Monday that became tuesday

We have been on the road for most of this pentecost weekend and the best bit about roadtripping for me is that there is no better time to do (guilt-free) hand sewing.
The journey there was bliss all the way through Belgium and France I finished my fourth Camelot block.

This proved for me to be the most difficult block. The devil being in the red crowns. It almost seemed misson impossible to fit the white-with-red-dot fabric in. I started doing this block about a month back, but came to a halt after trying the first crown. 
I looked at the discussion board in the Camelot quilters group and it seemed I was not the only one. What was missing was the answer. I also had email correspondence with Nicolette. I am a great lover of her blog and she is much further with her Camelot quilt which she has posted about here, here and here for example. It really seemed to be tricky but not impossible, so after Nicolettes emails I decided to accept my mission (again) and go for it. None of the crown 'low points' are perfect, but I am happy enough with them. So as far as I am concerned: Mission accomplished on to the next block!

Then just as we drove into Folkstone, UK, I started my English paper piecing 1" hexies. I couldn't help but snigger at the coincedence.

At the end of the visit (mainly due to the most horrific return drive) I ended up with 85 hexies waiting to be added to the mothership. I actually ran out of 2,5" squares otherwise I am sure that number would have been doubled.

All is well that ends well and we made it home safe and sound. So lets hope we all fall into our normal routine quickly because I can hear Tula call my name and am itching to make this weeks blocks for the German QAL.

till next time,


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  1. Your Camelot block looks perfect to me! Love all your little hexagons too!
    (and thanks for speaking so highly of my Camelot quilt and blog..! ;-)