Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

11 Jul 2014

One goal down

So I posted on wednesday my WIP with my scrap baskets here. I am happy to say the yellow one got finished as well. So that is me done for the July goal of ALYOF, Yeay! I have to say another Yeay for quick finishes. They really can be very satisfying.

July goal for ALYOF all done!

 I even managed, in the run up to the dutch quarter final, to finish an other one. 

It seemed fitting to make the orange one, for good luck. Alas it was not meant to be.

It is great to see my scrap pile go from all chaotic to being reduced to something that looks very neat and organised. I am still on the fence wether to redo the red one to match the size of the others.

Sunday will be a big day here in Germany in more ways than one. Miss J. will turn 4!!! I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around it, where did the time go?? I made her crown last year which was a great hit (she still wears occasionally). So this year she picked the fabric and colours and I finished her a new one. Let's hope it is equally well received.

I am linking to T.G.I.F.F. this week over at Audrey from Glorybequilter33 and finish it up friday from Amanda Jean of crazy mom quilts.

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  1. I love your scrap baskets! They are awesome and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing on TGIFF!

  2. That crown is adorable! What a great idea and the pictures of her wearing the 3 year old and then the 4 year old crown will be great. You could continue this each year until she is too "old" for that sort of thing.

    The baskets are wonderful - love the bright colors. I wish I had space in my sewing room to do something like that. My scraps are organized by color in a tub. At least they are organized tho!!

  3. Your baskets are such a bright fun way to store your scraps! Nicely made.

    1. Thank you Sarah. I will have to start working on my photo quality;). One step at the time, one goal at the time.

  4. Your baskets turn out great! Is that crown your own pattern?

  5. The baskets are awesome and so is the crown. I wish you a wonderful day with your little lady.
    (visiting from crazy mom quilts)

  6. I love the fabrics you have used especially for the crown.