15 Aug 2014

the mini that wasn't a mini

A surprising finish this week. I accidentally finished my Celestial Star QAL mini. The twins went to nursery on wednesday for the first time and did brilliantly! I am so proud of them.

In fact they did so well that yesterday they were allowed to stay untill lunch (12:00). I used that time well:
Celestial Star
 I love the movement of the block and didn't think the quilting needed to emphasize that. So I decided to try to emphasize the radiation of the block in the quilting. 
Close up quilting
 I am quite pleased with how it came out, even though for a wall hanging the quilting is minimal. I'd love to hear alternative suggestions for the quilting so that I may learn for future projects. FMQ is a skill I really want to grow in.
Close up quilting border
 The borders I simply echoed, but again I love the effect. The colours were speaking so much for themselves that I was worried that the quilting would make it too much, too busy.
Close up quilting centre

 For the backing I chose an Ikea print that was a bit stiffer/thicker then usual. I wouldn't use it for a bed/sofa quilt, but for this wall hanging it seemed ideal.

In it's new place
Now to the 'mini that wasn't a mini' part. I made it my august goal for ALYOF (as blogged here) to make this mini. However somehow my brain must have mixed inches and cm or possibly my spacial awareness is really that poor, because it ended up being around 82 x 82cm (32 x 32")!! It turns out my dungeon doesn't have a wall space big enough. Luckily Mr. Bird loves it so much that he suggested to hang it in our bedroom. I guess all is well that ends well.

Other news: I found out about this virtual sew along on friday nights, currently hosted by Wendy over at Sugarlane quilts. The idea is that earlier in the week you sign up and on friday you all have a nice sew in night, to be blogged about sometime on saturday. I like the idea and have a ton of blocks to catch up on (SBC, Sew Kitchy, Bee blocks), also if I consciously set time aside the likelyhood of it happening increases. Check it out. 

See you sometime saturday with the result of my sew in,
Take care,
I am linking to: Amanda Jean for Finish it up Friday, Afton for T.G.I.F.F.


  1. Is it already the 3rd Friday of the month, my goodness time flies! I LOVE, LOVE how your Celestial Stars block turned out!

  2. That is a cute quilt! I love the movement. Nice job.

  3. I love it, the colors are awesome and I think your quilting is perfect for the piece!!!

  4. Pretty! I love rainbow projects. Congrats on your finish!

  5. Oh that is just beautiful!! Lot the fabrics and how they swirl together. Those backpacks are so cute, where'd you get the lady bug?

  6. I really like the way you quilted your mini. Definitely works. I don't have other suggestions, I'm new to quilting my own projects too. Visiting from FIUF and FNSI.

  7. The kids' backpacks are adorable. Your quilting on this piece is very well-suited, as the piecing is so detailed and doesn't need anything elaborate. Friday Night Sew-In sounds fun too.

  8. That is gorgeous! It looks beautiful on your wall!

  9. this is amazing! I thought it was a Snail Trail block on the thumbnail, but it's much better than that, just gorgeous!

  10. This is gorgeous!! And I'm glad the mr likes it, as it looks great on that wall above your bed!! Well done!! All the details looks amazing!!! And thanks for joining me for the QAL!!! :)

  11. I love your mini! It turned out gorgeous! dahlgren0609 at gmail dot com