Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

6 Oct 2014

Q4 plans

After starting this month with such a flying start I decided to bring a bit of focus to it all by planning my Q4 for FAL and picking my Oktober goal for ALYOF.

1: Star plus quilt

I am testing a pattern written by Claudia of I am so honoured that I was allowed to test, but also thrilled to bits because the pattern is great. I've made a few blocks so far and cut the fabric for the whole top up.


I am making this as a comfort quilt for my kids. Mr Bird sadly has to frequently travel for business and as the kids are all getting older they are becoming  more and more aware that he is gone. So I am making this quilt out of old shirts that belonged to him. So there is a part that stays at home and when the kiddos miss him, they can cuddle under it.

2: Hootenanny Quilt using the pattern from the Dare to be square book by Boo Davis.

I am planning to turn this quilt around. I want to piece the owl in brown and the background in green.

3: Adventcalender for Mr C. 

I made the boys advent calendars last year, but Mr. C.'s calendar turned out a bit big. I donated it to our nursery school and now I have to make him a new one. I am planning on using a pattern in the moda bakeshop.

4: Celestial star Christmas wall hanging:

Originally this one was planned as part of the QAL Diane hosted in August/September, but then my priorities changed and I decided to postpone it for a bit. Both templates and the paper piecing blocks are printed. The fabrics are picked and bought all I need to do is cut them and sew them back together.

5: Christmas Stockings for Mr. C. and Mr. K. 

For nursery school my boys will need a stocking each. I found a fun pattern in 'Simply modern Christmas' from Cindy Lammon.

 6. Miniquilt for a swap I am participating in.

I found this pattern for a mini in my Sarah Fielke Crafsty class and it screams my partners name at me.

For my ALYOF I choose my star plus quilt from Claudia since her deadline is this week and so I want to at least have the top finished by friday, which should mean by the end of the month the quilt should be snuggled under, just in time for a Japan trip possibly?

There will be hopefully more, but those ideas/deadlines are not shaped enough to be allowed here. Like the IG mini swap hosted by CurlyBoy1, that I am participating in with a deadline in the first week of December but sadly so far I have ideas/inspiration for patterns, fabrics or even colour.

till next time,


  1. That's a great list of fun projects, Iris! I'm especially intrigued by the Advent calendar -- can't wait to see that one!

    1. Thanks Michelle, good luck to you too! Have you decided on a new machine yet?