Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

31 Oct 2014

When push comes to shove

I have been putting in a couple of decent late nighters in an effort to keep my ALYOF Oktober goal and I made it! Although it gave me a lot of food for thought, but more on that later. For now with 16 hours to spare I am presenting my Starplus 'Papi we miss you' quilt:

For the backing I improv pieced of sorts. I also used paper pieced letters from Diane's pattern to piece in the name I decided to give this quilt: Papi, we miss you. For reasons beyond me, my kids call their father Papi. I don't know who started it but they have all followed suit, I guess there is worst things he will be called by them ;). I blogged here and here more elaborate about the WIP proces and how I came to the name.

For the quilting I decided to keep it nice and simple, mostly outlines, stitch in the ditch. This afterall was the biggest quilt I made to date, quilted on my small domestic machine.

The pattern is from Claudia whom I am told entered her version in Amys Bloggers Quilt Festival, so if you like the pattern, show her some love and vote for her quilt.

For now  I am linking up to  Finish it up Friday from Amanda, T.G.I.F.F. hosted by Aylin and to the Oktober finished party of Melissa and Shanna.

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  1. Wow - nice job - and very fast! Always good to have a goal.
    There is indeed worse to call your father ;-)
    xo, Eva

  2. Such a lovely quilt! And I adore the back with the wording!!!

  3. What a sweet story behind your quilt (well, even though you miss him, it's neat that you can cuddle under his shirts)! I

  4. That's such a lovely quilt, and the words on the back make it even more special!

  5. Pretty quilt, it looks so soft any puffy!

  6. That is a fantastic finish!! Love the quilt and the colors!!