Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

28 Nov 2014

Mission accomplished

well as far as ALYOF goes. I wanted to first of all share with you my Swappen auf Deutsch pillow:

I made a hidden zipper using S.O.T.A.K's tutorial. I wanted to use this one for a long time, but the opportunity never arose. I'll be sending it to my partner on Monday and hope she will like it.

This was also my goal for November from ALYOF as blogged here, so that's one more of the list. 

I'm linking to Melissa over at Sew bittersweet designs finishes party. This will be the 5th month in a row, so I am quite proud.

I hope to share soon with you some more things I am trying to tick off my FAL Q4 list.

for now till next time,


  1. Iris, your pillow looks great! Like the colors and the pattern! :-) ... I have asked for a mini so it won't be for me... :-(
    Did you recognize that Aylin made a later sending and receiving time for all the presents at the Flickr group? Just asking because you mentioned sending it on Monday...

    1. Hatte ich noch nicht, habe ich aber jetzt. Ich Drueck dir die Daumen fuer deine 2 Deadlines