Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

3 Dec 2014

ALYOF Last goal of the year

We have this dog called Lola or in german we call her Flummie ;). She is a total mutt with lots of runningdog in her. When we travel to visit friends and/or family we don't always take her with us since the journeys are often very long and the stay relatively short.

Up untill recently I had this great dog pension across the road from us which meant Lola got to run around with heaps of other dogs in the woods so familiar to her. Sadly the lady who was running it is retiring her business. 

By coincidence I mentioned this to my uncle who immediately asked if Lola could come and stay with him. So when we went away on a short break in beginning of oktober she went and stayed with him. He is so smitten with her, that I honestly couldn't think of anyone who would take better care of her then him. 

Over New Year we are visiting relatives and friends and he will be looking after Lola again, so as a thank you I decided to make him a quilt. For him and Lola to cuddle under.
My uncle has an impressive collection of owls and when I saw this pattern in 'Dare to be square' I knew I had to make it for him one day. I am changing the colour scheme to suit his taste better. but the owl pieces have all been cut up. Tomorrow I will continue with the back ground, for which I have chosen a warm beige tone.

My ALYOF goal for December is: to finish my uncle Hootenanny quilt.

till next time,


  1. Lola couldn't look any happier, what a great shot :-)

  2. Great - a really nice idea with the quilt.
    Did she jump on that trunk? Wow! Great pics anyway :-)

  3. These are gorgeous pics of your dog! It's great to have someone who cares for the animals - otherwise you couldn't really relaxe while you are away. I do some sewing for my neighbours who are looking after our cat, as well. But a whole quilt - wow! I think, your uncle and Lola will love cuddling under it :-)