Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 Dec 2014

Tutorial ESTB

My dear Euro Sibling Together Bee members,

First of all I have to appologies to you all for posting this tutorial on the very last day of the year. God knows it has been on my mind since november but there is nothing like the pressure of a deadline to get things moving. However I know that a few of you would have liked to work on this block beforehand and with this lateness I deprived you of that possibility.

My block to my knowledge is nameless (I am very much open to suggestions). It has been inspired from a quilt called Unraveled made by Faith as a contribution to a book called 'Scraps, Inc'. Although I think my block turned out a wee bit skinnier. The following tutorial should make a 12,5" square block.

I would like you to use red, green and yellow and LV background fabric.

Per block you need:
  4 x 3,5" square Red
  4 x 3,5" square Yellow
  4 x 3,5" square Green
  4 x 3,5" square LV
24 x 2" square LV

Mark all the 2" squares on the wrong side of the fabric.:

Then take a coloured square and on oppposite side of the 3,5" colour square attach a small LV square. Sew ON the line.

 Trim, press and square up to 3,5" again.

Make a 6,5" block like above. Coloured corner point INWARDS. 

Repeat this for 3 more units.

Then making sure the LV squares are on the INSIDE, join the 4 sub-blocks together to make one 12,5" block. 

As you can see I changed the colour order in one of my 4 sub-blocks. I don't mind as long as per sub-block there is one of each colours.

Good luck and please let me know if there are any questions.



  1. Thanks for the tutorial! The block looks wonderful!

    1. Thanks Nicolette, you are too kind :)

  2. This is my second attempt at a comment. Thanks for the tutorial. I love the look of it. Very much looking forward to making this block. I wish though I had asked for a Sizzix for Christmas. Although spending some time cutting them out and listening to a good book might be a great way to spend an hour.

  3. Harpy New Year, Iris. Can't wait to get started sewing again after a long Christmas vacation.m