Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

6 Jan 2015

FAL 2015 Q1

Finish along 2015 is coming this year from New Zealand. Adrienne from on the windy side is taking over the batton from Katy.

I've been thinking about what I want to do in 2015 with my quilting and I will post some of my thoughts in a separate post, but the short of it will be that I want to try to use up my stash and finish/tidy some of my older WIP's.

With 3 old WIPs in there I think this is reflected in my Q1 goal list:

1. Rainbow mini swap

2. Dumpling bag

3. Open wide pouch

4. Hedgehog cuddly

5. Sugar Block Club 2014 quilt (WIP)

6. Euro Bee Sibling Together Bee quilt

7. Sew Kitchy BOM mini (WIP)

8. Bloggers BOM 2012 (old WIP)

 9. IG scrappy Log cabin QAL

10. bicycle bag for miss J.

11. HST Quilt for Baby boy a friend of mine is having in February (also set as my ALYOF goal

It seems a VERY ambitious list to have. Last year I tended to have fewer projects on there, because I wanted to be sure I could finish them all. This year I will be looking to get a fair few old WIPs busted so if one or the other project has to roll over, so be it.

What are your plans for this quarter?

till next time,


  1. Ooh, Dumplings! They are so fun! And please tell me where to get that Hedgehog pattern. My kids need hedgehogs!

    1. it's a Jennifer Jangles ( project.

  2. Such lovely WIPs it should be fun to work on them - good luck!

  3. Wow - such a great list of wonderful projects! I'm definitely in the "list them all, roll over if necessary" camp. Good luck getting through your list :-)