Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

9 Jan 2015

My philosophy for 2015

Over the holidays with all the reviews of 2014 and good intentions for 2015 being blogged about I got a bit pensive.

I wanted to post this post earlier, but have been roaming the internet to find the source of a story I've once heard. Alas without succes. I can't even remember the whole story, but the punch line stuck. So for lack of a story I give you a quote that covers the punch line nicely:

Generally I want to 'let go' in 2015, declutter, reorganise, believing that less can be more, quality over quantity.

Quilting related this for me means I will make more effort of sewing from my stash and cutting into some of my treasured fabrics. So when I saw Leasas initiative I couldn't resist as it is so up my ally.


I'll keep you updated throughout the year.

till next time,


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