Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

13 Apr 2015

A new day, a new dawn and a new quarter

I love fresh starts. So today is extra good as far as I am concerned. I was not overly succesful on my FAL Q1 list, but Q2 should/might/will be different.

Last quarter I decided to sew from my stash. One way I thought of doing this would be through finishing some of my WIPs. So I packed my FAL Q1 list full of them……it don't work that way…..Just looking at my long list of WIPs my sewing mojo took a leave of absence.

And then my rainbow mini happened and I absolutly LOVED it!! Guess what? all stash fabrics!!

So here is a lesson from me to you WIP ≠ Stash sewing. As I write this down it kind of seems like stating the obvious, but the penny didn't drop. For my own consolation I do understand where I went wrong, a lot of my Stash is build from fabric I bought for one or the other project. The crux lies in that I am totally free to use it for anything and I am finding myself very much wanting to do that too. Also I will try to focus more on some quick finishes as well. So i've signed up for some more miniquilt swaps. (Later on more on that)

That being said I don't want to have my WIPs/UFOs lying around forever so they stay in the back of my mind, maybe next quarter, when I'm done playing ;).

For this Quarter I would like to finish:

Euro Sibling Together Bee quilt

 Wedding bunting, not mine, but for a friend of a friend

 Bycycle bag, This is a Q1 roll over

 Dumpling pounch, another roll over from Q1

 Elsa Dress, I've had this pattern for a while, but my daughter found it and keeps asking when it will be done...

The german Tula Pink City Sampler is coming to an end and I want to finish at least the top, but for the rules sake I will try to get it completly done.

Another swap mini due end of this week.

One of the twins is CRAZY for elephants so I decided to make him a pillow based on the elefantparade from Lorna

Hedgehog pillow for the other twin

Notebook cover after the famous tutorial from stitched in colour

Ambitous as ever, but this time I am feeling lots of love for all of them and my creative juices want to flow.

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  1. a new life...feeling good... :-)
    Wow, was für ein Pensum! Cooles QAL QUILT Layout - bin gespannt!
    LG, Eva