Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

30 May 2015

Birthday 3.0 the sequel

As we approach the big 3 sunday I am very happy and relieved to report all the (sewn) birthday gifts are done.

So for Mr C I also sewed a crown (this time with a different inside fabric), a t-shirt and a long sleeved. The long sleeved is completely different, where as the t-shirt is exactly the same as his brothers, which very much represents how we normally approach things. I normally like to give them  the same clothes in different colours (like the crowns). But sometime that is not possible and they'll end up with the same, or something completely different. On any given day they wear different outfits.

Mr C isn't one animal obsessed like Mr K, so I thought the Oh Fransson! hazel hedgehog pattern would be perfect for this. Elisabeth used the same pillow to make her hedgehog and foxes pillows. Silly enough I thought the pillows inserts she used were bigger then mine, so I decided to use the 12,5" block version of it. In hindsight it may have been better to use that version as due to the thickness of it all the backside pulls a bit now. I took the measure Ikea put on it at face value (12" x 24") and thought the thickness was included in that. Oh well you live and learn.

It really only is a little bit. And when he sleeps on it nobody will really notice.

This time I stippled triangles (or an attempt there of) all over. Generally I am very pleased with the outcome, I just wished that the width between the hedgehogs wouldn't stand out so much. If it really bothers me I'll make another one in due time.

We seem to be all set up for the big day tomorrow. Just a couple of cakes to be baked and some decorating to be done.

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The hedgehog pillow is also on my FALQ2 list


  1. Je bent druk geweest met hun verjaardag. Ik vind je egeltjes prachtig met die verschillende stofjes. Ze staan op mijn lijstje ook om te maken. Fijne verjaardag!!!

  2. Oh, Iris! How cute! You've worked your tail off getting ready for the birthdays. You're one good mom. I have eyed the little hedgehog pattern for many months, and finally ordered one yesterday. I can't wait to try it out, and think your zigzap stippling is wonderfully done.

    Thank you for linking up with the Pet Project Show, and I hope to see updates of the actual birthday.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies