Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

25 May 2015

Birthyday 3.0

My boys have got an important birthday coming up. The big 3... until very recently I did not realise either what a big deal 3 was, but for my boys the world will open when they are 3 and they have been counting down to this day since a loooong time.

When they turn 3 they:
will not have to wear bibs in Kindergarden anymore
will be allowed to go into the ballpit in Kindergarden unsupervised
will be allowed to go on dance lessons
All of which are tremendous important to them.

I made them crowns last year (it was one of the first things I blogged about) and they were a hit, so a repeat was in order. As this year 3 is so important I decided to rummage through their wardrobe and pimp up some shirts for the occasion as well.

But this year I wanted to make them a present. I recently found some pillows (12"x24") in Ikea that fit their beds perfect. Ever since the sidebars have come of they have taken to sleeping with a pillow so I wanted to make them some pretty ones.

 To say Mr K. is elephant crazy is an understatement. So his pillow was dead easy. I used blocks from Lornas #elephantparadeqal and appliqued a cute little birdie.

That is one done and one to go, with their  birthday not until sunday that seems good going.

Till next time,

The Elephantpillow is also on my FALQ2 list


  1. You are in tune with your dear little boys, Iris. I'm sure their 3rd birthday will be fabulous for no other reason than they have most a wonderful mother. The pimped out shirts help, though! Darling presents!

  2. This is adorable and I'm sure your son will just love it!