Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

9 Jul 2015


I can't believe I am blogging about my Q3 list already! I did quite well in the end in Q2, considering I have not been that active on the blog, besides my project life posts. There are a few rollovers though:

1. the famous Elsa Dress. 
It was nearly a finish in June, but then THAT sleeve happened en now it will be done in July
2. Bicycle bag, again a roll over

3. Dumpling pouches, another roll over

4. An UFO that I would like to hand quilt. The blocks come from a Bloggers BOM I followed.

5. Tula is still waiting.

6. #Handpieced mini swap this one has a deadline of 19th July

7. An Elsa and Anna Pillow for the birthday girl this month

8. a drawstring pouch
I made a 5" test block, which was too small for my liking for the above pillow, so I'll turn it into a drawstring bag to go with the dress.

9. #Textmemini

10. Nametag
I want to use the Lovepatchworkandquilting tutorial to make a nametag for my upcoming retreat
11. Economie UFO
I want to use this UFO as part of another ESTB quilt I am planning
12. Secret sewer project for retreat
An other Lovepathworkandquilting pattern, this time for  a secret sewer swap I am participating in for the simplysolids retreat

13. HST baby boy quilt

There is a lot on this list, but I am also still planning to continue my #100daysoffabric, so it may not all get done, but I do hope to make a decent dent.

Linking to Adriannes FAL goal setting party

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