Because I am and I do

Because I am and I do.

14 Oct 2015

FAL Q4 list

 So for Q4 I decided that I wanted to start 'fresh'. No roll overs from last quarter (gods know I would have had plenty to choose from). I thought about Amys pledge I took a while ago and pondered over what our family needs. This is what I came up with.

Sewingmachine mat in modern minis
Both pattern and fabric is from the lovely Lori Holt. I'm hoping that putting this mat under my machine might make it slightly more quiet or less rattly.

bee blocks/hour basket
A friend had a baby boy a while ago I wanted to send her a little something, but never got round, till now. This one should be finished by hopefully next week.

5 Placemats
I've had these in my mind for a while now, maple leaf placemats. Better get them done before fall is over.

SBC 2012
My ALYOF goal for Oktober, so it makes sense to add to this list.

Tula Pink
After putting all that work in at the simply solids retreat, it seems a shame to not finish the last border and get it quilted. It would make a nice christmas present for Mr Crazybird and myself.

Quilt Niece 1
Middle of december my brother and his wife are expecting twin girls so I wanted to use this quilt top for one of them.

Quilt Niece 2
I am thinking along the line of blowing this block up for niece 2, to make it the same size as niece 1. I even have fabric left from the niece 1 top, so I might use one or more of those fabrics.

Sew together bag
I have signed up to the #zipperpouchswap2016, but since my partner asks for a sewtogether bag I think it is better to start earlier, rather then later.

IG Pillow swap
One more swap I am in with its deadline in this quarter. My partner likes scrappy, so I am planning to make her a scrappy pillow as per pattern from Crazymomquilts Amanda Jean Nyberg.

With the planned placemats it seems predictable to make a table runner as well. Maybe I prioritise the  table runner higher as it would look so lovely and would bring some colour now that the weather is only getting grey, dark and dreary.

That is ten fresh projects to get finished. What are you planning for the rest of this year?

till next time,



  1. Great list. Good luck with it

    1. Thanks Gina, will you make a FALQ4 list?

  2. I would scratch it all and go straight for the table runner and placemats! We need some "Indian Summer" with weather lume now! ;-)

  3. Entering Q4 - the final stretch. You are doing really well. Love looking at your sketches along with your WIP's and finishes.